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Welcome to Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam is a country with a dramatic and spectacular past, it is home to 90 million people, a country bigger than Italy, geographically it is 3 times longer than the British Isles, so getting around from one region to another has its challenges and we do thus recommend using Vietnam Airlines to hop around from region to region

We would also suggest that if you are in this part of the world that you should combine at least 3 nights in Siem Reap in Cambodia, which is one of the most beautiful and valued religious and cultural sites in the whole of Asia, with an incredible array of Buddhist and Hindu temples in one location. One of the Seven Man Made Wonders of the World. Couple this experience with some stupendous and breathtaking scenery and some marvellous golf and you have the recipe of a memorable 3-4 days on the trip.

The Capital

The Capital of Vietnam is Hanoi which is the Northern based Vietnam City, where the government is based and runs things, it is still a Communist country, but far more liberal than China. Hanoi is a beautiful city with tree lined avenues and a lovely French Quarter. The USA is on close diplomatic terms with Vietnam these days, as it attempts to keep close to China's neighbours strategically to assist keeping an eye on China's continual growth to developing more and more islands in the South China Sea. The second City is Ho Che Minh City, formerly called Saigon set in the South, this is a more libertarian society and much more popular with ex Pats, the young and outward looking of the population. There has been considerable investment and development in this City and it is a wonderful place to explore for 3 to 4 days even if you do not want to play golf here, an exceptional venue.

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3 Main Regions

There are 3 main regions to consider when thinking of a holiday as the minimum, which include the two main cities, Saigon( Ho Che Minh City) and Hanoi which both have so much to discover beyond the golf, combined with Danang, which is a relatively new City close to the ocean and close to the heart of the best of Vietnamese Golf. The Danang Golf Club and the Montgomerie Links are exceptional and highly ranked amongst all Asian Golf Courses. Plus there is a superb Faldo design Laguna Lang Co which a little further out of the area, with a spectacular Banyan Tree Hotel on a beach location.

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Key Facts on Vietnam

The country is close to the Equator so the daylight hours do not vary that much from month to month, compared to Northern Europe. Expect daylight to start about 0500 to 0600 hrs and sunset to range from 6 pm to 7 pm. This means that late pm tee times are not recommended. In fact we would highly recommend playing golf in the mornings as early as possible for two key reasons, first and foremost the weather is cooler always in the mornings and in the rainy seasons the rain which can be heavy tends to come in the middle of the afternoons. Indeed it is worth saying that even if you come in the rainy seasons when the humidity can be higher, we would say that the rain comes as a welcome addition to your day, a relief from the heat of the mid day sunshine, making it cool for an hour or two before the heat comes through later in the afternoon.

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The weather patterns in Vietnam tend to have regional variations but generally speaking it tends to be hotter in Hanoi in the north and Danang coastal areas to the north in comparison to Ho Che Meinh City (Saigon) to the South.

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For North European golfers we would recommend the best times to visit for a classic golfing vacation is from November through to April, after which it really becomes too hot to enjoy your game, however if you do come from April to October the prices are considerably cheaper rather like in Mauritius because it is low season hotel prices and golf prices. The courses are still in great condition and this is the wet season which purely means you are likely to see downpours of heavy rain mid afternoons to refresh the day which could affect your golf, so always play as early as you can to avoid the rain. Temperatures from November to March will be like a lovely Mediterranean summer climate, so ideal for the visiting UK golfer and drier. The one month we would recommend avoiding when the weather can be really nasty with tropical storms and even cyclones would be the month of September.

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Choosing your Itinerary

We would suggest that a typical holiday to this part of the world should be 14 nights and how you break up that is down to us to recommend to you, having done our own research and done the trip ourselves we would suggest that your itinerary should be at least three centres, including as a very minimum Hanoi, Danang coastal area and Ho Che Meinh City. The contrasting cultures of north and South coupled with a wonderful beach vacation make for a superb holiday.
The golf course quality in Vietnam is special with a wonderful array of championship golf courses with Signature courses with top names such as Nick Faldo, Colin Montgomerie and Greg Norman. The Danang courses are worthy of a special mention with the Links Montgomerie and the Greg Norman Danang Golf Club of exceptional challenge and coastal scenery. There are other coastal regions we would suggest also such as Nha Trang and Bluff Resort which lies along the East Coast, but it it really is difficult to pack it all in to one trip, we would suggest that perhaps you will love the destination so much that you may want to come back for a second trip and try some of the places you could not cram into the first visit.

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