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YU Lounge Experience VIP lounge and Fast Track

Enjoy this slick VIP service at Mauritius airport for both arrival and departure, or just for your departure from the Island.

Prices vary depending on if it is low, high or peak season, but the lead in price is £160 pp for one service, £320pp if you take the service on arrival and departure.


First Class Service

The service is so impressive, on arrival you are met just on the bridge as you walk off the plane, you are then taken down to the Tarmac and via a Porsche Cayenne, you are driven without delay to the Yu Lounge which lies is a separate building to the terminal. The immigration formalities are all over in seconds, your concierge will look after your passport and documents and you just sit and relax in the lounge. Drinks and snacks are offered and you can access a duty free shop here, which you may well be the only person inside, top service.

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The Ultimate Travel Experience

Within 45 minutes your bags will be expressed from the luggage belts to the YU Lounge and you can be on your way with your private hotel transfer. The YU Lounge is located on the quiet side of the airport where the private jets are parked and you can be en route for your destination whilst your fellow passengers are still waiting to go through immigration. This superb service can save you at least 90 minutes up to 2 hours on exit.

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Leave in style

On departure the YU Lounge is even more slick, it allows you to leave your hotel 90 minutes later than you would normally leave. You are transferred from your hotel directly to the YU Lounge away from the terminal. The concierge will then take your passport and luggage, to sort out all the for,ali ties for you, while you just sit in the lounge, have a glass of champagne, or something stronger and get served a very tasty 2 course meal which will be superior to the in flight meal. You pass through an X ray machine for security in about 30 seconds and are taken up to your own exclusive duty free lounge and literally just 30 minutes before your flight departs you are led out into a Porsche Cayenne and transferred with your concierge airside, passing the planes on the Tarmac and led upstairs. A quick security check in the Fast Lane and you are immediately boarding the plane.

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Travel stress-free

In a nutshell, all the hassle and stress of passing in and out of a big airport is taken away, saving you overall about 3 hours of queueing etc. What a great way to start or end your holiday, the gloss of the vacation stays in tact and not lost in 2 hours of stress inside the terminal with the crowds of people. YU Lounge makes the difference.

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